Connect your devices to Bizz IP Telephony

Besides allowing you to connect one or more telephones, Bizz IP Telephony Mono and Bizz IP Telephony Duo also enables you to connect the following devices to the VoIP network:

  • a fax machine
  • an alarm
  • a payment terminal

Do you have Bizz IP Telephony Multi? If so, our technician will come by to connect additional devices to your telephone exchange. Contact us to make an appointment.

How many devices can you connect?

  • Bizz IP Telephony Mono: a maximum of three devices connected in parallel.
  • Bizz IP Telephony Duo: a maximum of six devices (2 x 3 devices connected in parallel).

Devices connected in parallel share the same number and you can use them simultaneously.

How do you connect the devices?

On the back of your b-box you'll see four yellow ports: these are the IP ports. Connect your device to one of these ports. Use a normal network cable for this.

Want to connect several devices in parallel? Unless your devices work wirelessly, connect them to the b-box using:

  • a splitter cable
  • a network switch
  • or your Proximus socket

Once connected, the devices are ready for use. Any questions? Contact our staff.

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