Getting started with Zoomit

With Zoomit, you can receive and pay your bills or payment statement directly in your Internet Banking. Below, we explain how to activate Zoomit, how long your bills remain online, and when a bill is eligible for VAT deduction. We also explain how Zoomit works on a joint bank account and what you should do if you receive an unsolicited paper bill.

How activate Zoomit?

You can activate Zoomit onlineOpens a new window . You will receive your next bill in your Internet Banking.

How long available online?

  • In your Internet Banking you can see your bills or payment statements of the past 24 months (depending on your bank). If you stop using Zoomit, this online archive will disappear for security reasons.
  • In MyProximus you can also consult your bills or payment statementsOpens a new window , even if you don't use Zoomit.

If you want to keep your electronic bills or payment statements longer, be sure to store them in a safe place (your computer, hard disk, or cloud space).

What if you have a joint account?

If you share an account with other people (e.g. your partner or family members), our bills or payment statements via Zoomit may not be visible to the other account holders. If you want all the account holders to be able to see and pay for bill or payment statement, open the Zoomit section in your Internet Banking and given these holders access to our bills or payment statement.

Is the VAT deductible?

Zoomit provides a legal electronic bill in PDF format. For professional clients, the VAT is deductible provided you no longer receive paper bills.

  • The first time you use Zoomit, you may still receive a paper bill, besides the pdf bill in your Internet Banking. At this stage, you must use the paper version for your VAT declaration; the pdf version bears the notice "VAT non-deductible".
  • Once you have paid our Zoomit bill in your Internet Banking, the paper version will be stopped. The electronic version will become the legal bill, to be used for your VAT declaration. Therefore, the VAT can always be deducted.

Therefore, the VAT can always be deducted.

You registered for Zoomit, but again receive a document on paper?

If you registered for Zoomit and receive a paper bill or payment statement again, this means that we couldn't deliver your bills to your Internet Banking, probably because your bank details are no longer correct. Log in to MyProximus to update your detailsOpens a new window . Any changes will be confirmed in your Internet Banking and, after that, you will receive your subsequent bill or payment statement via Zoomit again.

For further questions on paying via Zoomit, please consult zoomit.beOpens a new window .