Consult your bills, payment statements and payments online

In MyProximus you can:

  • view your recent bills or payment statements in PDF,
  • view your payments,
  • view itemized bills and payment statements: your subscriptions and your call, text, TV and data usage.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Log in to MyProximus to view the details of your bill, your payment statements or your payments.
    View your bill
  2. Select, if necessary, what you want to consult: the bill or payment statements for your Pack, Internet, TV or fixed line, or your mobile phone bill.
  3. You will immediately see the amount you still have to pay. The payments you have made can be found in Recently paid.
  4. View your bill or payment statement? Click the PDF icon to open and download your document.
  5. View details of your bill or payment statement? Click on All details.
    • Under Subscriptions, you will see, using the interactive plus signs, your fixed costs per product for the current month.
    • Under Usage you will see, using the interactive plus signs, details of your call, text, TV and data traffic of the current month.
    • Under Services delivered by third parties you will see, using the interactive plus signs, the details of pay-for numbers, pay-for text messages and mobile purchases (SMS parking, tele-voting, etc.).
Consultez votre facture ou avis de paiement sur MyProximus Voir vos factures en ligne ? C'est simple avec MyProximus.

You can consult your bills or payment statements with the interactive menu in Recently Paid. In Archive you will see old documents in PDF format (not for your mobile phone).

In Settings you can choose whether you want to receive your bill or payment statement by e-mail, via Zoomit or by post and to pay by direct debit.

For the current month, you can also consult usage that has not yet been billed.

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