Pay-for messages and 0900 numbers: how much does it cost?

The price of pay-for text messages and special numbers (0900, voting, short numbers, etc.) is not determined by us but by the service provider that manages the number.

An overview is given below of the maximum rates per SMS message, minute or call.

Do you want to block pay-for text messages or special numbers?

Deregister from an SMS service or set up call barring free of charge to block special numbers.

Maximum price of pay-for text messages

Note that with some SMS services you pay both for SMS messages sent and for SMS messages received. The service provider is legally required to mention the rates in advance. SMS messages to 8xxx numbers are always free of charge.

Pay-for SMS messages Maximum price Type of service
2xxx Max. € 1,00/SMS General services
3xxx Max. € 4,00/SMS General services
4xxx Max. € 31,00/SMS Pay-for services
5xxx Max. € 0,50/SMS Services for games, logos, ringtones, etc.
6xxx Max. € 2,00/SMS Services for games, logos, ringtones, etc.
7xxx Max. € 4,00/SMS Erotic services (18+)
8xxx Free Free service
9xxx Max. € 2,00/SMS Subscription-based services for games, logos and ringtones, etc.

Maximum price of special numbers

Note that, depending on the number, you pay either per call or per minute.

  • If you call a number for which a rate of more than € 1,00 is charged , per minute or per call, the service provider is required to inform you of the rate free of charge at the beginning of your call.
  • If you call a 090x number for which a per-minute rate applies, the call will be automatically cut after 10 minutes.
Pay-for calls Maximum price Type of service
070 xxx xxx Max. € 0,30/minute General services
0900 xx xxx Max. € 0,50/minute General services
0901 xx xxx Max. € 0,30/minute or call General services
0902 xx xxx Max. € 1,00/minute General services
0903 xx xxx Max. € 1,50/minute General services
0904 xx xxx Max. € 2,00/minute General services
0905 xx xxx Max. € 2,00/call Services for games, logos, ringtones, etc.
0906 xx xxx Max. € 1,00/minute Erotic services (18+)
0907 xx xxx Max. € 2,00/minute Erotic services (18+)
0909 xx xxx Max. € 31,00/call General services

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