Pay-for calls, pay-for text messages and services by third parties

Have you taken part in televoting for your favorite TV artist? Have you purchased a public transport ticket or a car park ticket per text message? Have you bought digitally an app or number? Your Netflix subscription on Proximus TV?
These services or purchases are provided by an external service provider.

Where are they on your bill or payment statement?

These amounts are grouped together on your bill or payment statement. They are broken down into two sections:

  • In the 'Consumption' or 'Usage' section, you will find the calling charges that are billed according to our normal rates.
  • In the section 'Services provided by third parties' or 'Mobile payments' you will find the amount payable for using the services. We pass on this amount in full to the service provider(s) concerned when you pay it.

If you need a separate bill for these services, please contact the service provider in question.

How can you view these amounts in detail?

You can view the details (date, amount, provider) online via MyProximus. Depending on the type of subscription you have, proceed as follows:

  • Do you have an Internet, TV or fixed-line subscription?
    • Log in to MyProximus and click on your bill or payment statement for Internet, TV or fixed line.

      View your bill or payment statement
    • Click on the reference of the bill or payment statement in question.
    • In the "Services provided by third parties" section, click the plus signs until you see all the details appear.

    NB: You can also view mobile payments (purchases you have made via your mobile phone, smartphone or tablet) in the MyProximus app (My Usage>My mobile payments). These will appear between 30 minutes and 48 hours after your purchase and will remain visible for the duration of the month underway.

  • Do you have only mobile numbers or do you have a Pay&Go card?
    • Log in to MyProximus and click on your mobile bill.

      View your mobile bill
    • Click on the reference of the bill in question and then on the relevant telephone number.
    • In the "Mobile payments" section, click the plus signs until you see all the details appear.

How do you contest an amount?

For more information about your purchase or service, please contact the supplier first. Follow the steps below.

  1. Check the amount in detail, as described above.
  2. Find the contact details of the service provider in question.
  3. Contact the service provider, who has the required information and can reimburse you.

We advise you to pay your Proximus bill or payment statement on time and in full. In case the service provider doesn’t react to your e-mail or phone call, you can contact us.

How do you limit or block them?

If you want to limit these types of purchases in the future, you can set a limit for mobile payments or you can stop pay-for text messages and block pay-for numbers.

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