8 tips for improving your Wi-Fi

Tip 1: Place your modem in a good location

Place your b-box modem in an open space, not in a cabinet! If possible, at the center of your home, with the indicator lights facing outwards and, ideally, more than one meter from the ground. Do you have a b-box 3/3V+? Orient it vertically.
Your phone jack and your b-box are in the basement? The Wi-Fi signal is very weakened by the floor. Install your b-box on the ground floor and buy a RJ11 cable long enough to connect it to your telephone jack, replacing the cable supplied with the b-box.

Tip 2: Get close to your modem

Use your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop as close as possible to your modem because the strength of the Wi-Fi signal can diminish with distance.

Tip 3: Let your device choose the best network

On a b-box 3/3V+ two Wi-Fi networks are normally shown: one at 5 GHz and one at 2.4 GHz. These can be found on the sticker on the back of your modem. The first time, connect to each of these networks in turn (How to connect to a Wi-Fi network?). Your device will automatically choose the best one.

Can't see the 5GHz network? Good news! This means that your b-box already benefits from the latest innovation that brings together the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz networks under the same network name (called WiFi-2.4-xxxxxx by default). In that case, you connect to this network and Proximus Smart Wi-Fi manages the way your device optimally connects to your Wi-Fi.

Tip 4: Test your Wi-Fi

Is it very slow? Try using another device. If the connection is better on another device, it could be your device that has a problem.

With the MyProximus app, you can easily test and optimize your wi-fi.
Tip 5: Don’t overload your Wi-Fi

The quality of your Wi-Fi signal also depends on your usage: if you download very heavy files or use several devices at the same time, the quality of your signal will decline.

The MyProximus app can help you identify devices that overload your Wi-Fi network.

Tip 6: Reboot your modem

If your Internet connection is very slow or constantly interrupted, reboot your modem.

Tip 7: Extend your network with a Wi-Fi Booster

Do you live in a house or large apartment? The Wi-Fi signal may not be strong enough to cover every room. In that case, extend your network using a Wi-Fi Booster.
Your MyProximus app will help you know if you need a Wi-Fi Booster. The MyProximus app will help you place it in your home. Do you already have a Ruckus or a Wi-Fi Extender? Your Wi-Fi will be better with a Wi-Fi Booster.

Tip 8: Contact our Happy House service

You always feel it should go faster? Contact our Happy House service.  We analyse your situation and propose the best solutions to ensure that your products work optimally.

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