Wi-Fi: the practical guide

What is Wi-Fi?


The practical solution at home. No more cables! Not only can you connect your computers, tablets and mobile phones wirelessly to your b-box or Internet Box, but also an increasing number of other devices such as your TV Box (via a Wi-Fi Booster or Wi-Fi Bridge), printer, thermostat, radio, etc.

Wi-Fi and mobile Internet.  Don't confuse Wi-Fi, Public Wi-Fi  and mobile Internet. What is the difference between Wi-Fi and 5G, 4G or 3G?Opens a new window

Le wi-fi, qu'est-ce que c'est ? Vous avez parfois des problèmes avec votre wi-fi à la maison ? Dans cette vidéo on vous explique à quoi faire particulièrement attention pour avoir un wi-fi au top !

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Fast connection. Connect your deviceOpens a new window in just a few clicks or use our assistantOpens a new window if you have a mobile or tablet.

Configure your Wi-Fi


Personalize your Wi-Fi. Choose a name for your Wi-Fi networkOpens a new window .

Simplify your life. Choose a password for your Wi-Fi networkOpens a new window .

Don't want to surf wirelessly? You want deactivate/activate Wi-Fi at certain times, on certain devices? Deactivate the Wi-Fi networkOpens a new window on your b-box or Internet Box.

It should go faster


Put your b-box or Internet Box in the right place. Find out how to optimize your Wi-Fi networkOpens a new window .

Is the Wi-Fi signal weak?  You can improve it with the Wi-Fi BoosterOpens a new window and the  MyProximus appOpens a new window .

Is it not working at all anymore? Follow our tipsOpens a new window in case of a technical problem.

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