Wi-Fi: the practical guide

What is Wi-Fi?


The practical solution at home. No more cables! Not only can you connect your computers, tablets and mobile phones wirelessly to your modem, but also an increasing number of other devices such as your TV decoder (via a Wi-Fi Booster or Wi-Fi Bridge), printer, thermostat, radio, etc.

Wi-Fi and mobile Internet.  Don't confuse Wi-Fi, Smart Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile Internet (3G or 4G). What is the difference between Wi-Fi and 3G or 4G?

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Fast connection. Connect your device in just a few clicks or use our assistant if you have a mobile or tablet.

Configure your Wi-Fi


Personalize your Wi-Fi. Choose a le name for your Wi-Fi network.

Simplify your life. Choose a password for your Wi-Fi network.

Don't want to surf wirelessly? You want deactivate/activate Wi-Fi at certain times, on certain devices? Deactivate the Wi-Fi network on your modem.

It should go faster


Put your modem in the right place. Find out how to optimize your Wi-Fi network.

Is the Wi-Fi signal weak?  You can improve it with the Wi-Fi Booster and the Home Optimizer app.

Request your Happy House visit! Our technician will simply stop by your home and check everything, to be sure that your Internet and TV works smoothly. It’s free! Request your Happy House visit.

Is it not working at all anymore? Follow our tips in case of a technical problem.

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