LEDs on your PLC-adapter Wi-Fi Extender

What do the LED indicators on your PLC adapter Wi-Fi Extender mean (or Wi-Fi Extender)?
Choose your Wi-Fi Extender. Does it have 2 or 4 LEDs?

Wi-Fi Extender with 2 LEDs

Wi-Fi Extender with 2 LEDs



  • Flashing red light: the Wi-Fi Extender is not synchronized with the PLC. Press the synchronization button of the PLC (on the bottom or on the side of the PLC) and then the dLAN button of the Wi-Fi Extender.
  • Flashing white light: busy synchronizing.
  • Solid white light: the device is synchronized.

Wi-Fi Wi-FI

  • Light off: no Wi-Fi.
  • Flashing white light: busy synchronizing.
  • Solid white light: Wi-Fi active.



Press this button to synchronise your PLC-adapter with your Wi-Fi Extender.

Wi-fi Wi-Fi

2 functions :
  • Short pressure to connect your devices to Wi-Fi via WPS.
  • Long pressure to activate/deactivate the Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Extender with 4 LEDs

Wi-Fi extender with 4 LEDs



  • Light on: the Wi-Fi Extender is on.
  • Flashing light: the PLC is being configured.

dLANdLAN (connection with the PLC network)

  • Green: the signal is excellent and allows HD flow.
  • Yellow: the signal is excellent and allows HD flow.
  • Red: the signal is weak. Move the PLC closer.

If the dLAN LED is orange, red or off: check that the cables are properly plugged. If that doesn't work, restart the Wi-Fi Extender.

EthernetEthernet (connection with the Ethernet network)

  • Fixed light: there is a connection with the Ethernet network.
  • Flashing light: data is currently being transferred.

Wi-FiWi-Fi (connection with the wireless network)

  • Flashing light: the Wi-Fi connection is being used.
  • Fast flashing light: the Wi-Fi is being configured.


Wifi on offWi-Fi on/off

To activate or deactivate Wi-Fi.

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)

To connect your WPS device.


To synchronise your PLC adapters and configure the Wi-Fi network.

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