Functions linked to your website: what can you do?

What can you do with your website? Consult your website, choose an alternative domain name, place a counter or a form online, etc.

Consult your web space

If you have an existing web space on, you can consult your web space (in French or in Dutch).

It is no longer possible to create a free website.
Free websites are only available for existing users. 

Choose one or several addresses for your website

The address of your Website has the default format
In general, the username of your Internet connection has the following format: sky123456, bs123456, bk123456, am123456 or fb123456.

You can create or delete an alias for your website (in French or in Dutch), i.e. an alternative name to replace the username, e.g. The default address of your website remains accessible).

The alias created (your-website in the above example) can also be used to update your Web page using an FTP connection.

Change your password

It is possible to change the password of your website (in French or in Dutch). This password is separate from the password that you use for your Internet connection.

Upload your website

Your Web page must be placed on our server using an FTP program like FileZilla, in which you need to enter the following information:

  • The default address of your website:
  • The server name
  • Your login
  • The password of your Internet connection

Forms that visitors can fill in

A form allows the visitor to give feedback and generates a preformatted e-mail with data filled in. More information about online forms.