Place a counter displaying the number of visits on your website

Place free of charge a counter that will display the number of visits on your website: request to create a counter in French or in Dutch.

Counter displaying the number of visits on your website

There are several models of counters available. Find below a list of the various counter styles that we offer. The name of the style must be stated in the option dd on the HTML command that generates the counter.

Style Example
57chevy 57chevy
bblltbl bblltbl
borange borange
cb cb
cd cd
cdr cdr
chalk chalk
cntdwn cntdwn
colorbl colorbl
default default
emboss emboss
fatpt fatpt
fdb fdb
fdg fdg
fdr fdr
future future
garamnd garamnd
glowing glowing
goudy goudy
grnemb grnemb
katt020 katt020
katt031 katt031
katt036 katt036
katt040 katt040
katt041 katt041
katt045 katt045
katt046 katt046
katt047 katt047
katt060 katt060
katt065 katt065
katt076 katt076
katt077 katt077
katt078 katt078
katt079 katt079
katt080 katt080
katt098 katt098
katt101 katt101
katt106 katt106
katt127 katt127
katt128 katt128
katt129 katt129
katt133 katt133
katt136 katt136
katt137 katt137
katt150 katt150
katt151 katt151
katt152 katt152
katt154 katt154
katt156 katt156
katt157 katt157
katt159 katt159
katt161 katt161
lot lot
lynz lynz
metabld metabld
modocr modocr
morange morange
mpurple mpurple
neon neon
nextgen nextgen
nw nw
ocr ocr
odb odb
odw odw
pdg pdf
pdp pdp
pdr pdr
pdw pdw
pdy pdy
poolbll poolbll
redball redball
redocr redocr
runes runes
sbg sbg
sbgs sbgs
sbr sbr
sbrs sbrs
sbwm sbwm
sdg sdg
sdgs sdgs
shaved shaved
silver silver
snyder snyder
spacemn spacemn
spooky spooky
stamp stamp
stars stars
stencil stencil
swhite swhite
techgo techgo
tiny tiny
tinyred tinyred
turqois turqois
umbra umbra
visitat visitat
wd wd
wdr wdr
web1 web1
web2 web2
web3 web3
western western
yllwgld yllwgld

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