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Manage your PhoneMail messages (listen, delete, save, etc.)

Do you wish to listen to and manage your PhoneMail messages (delete, save, reply, forward, etc.)? You can do so via your own telephone or any other number in Belgium or abroad.

  • From your own telephone: call 1969 (= national call rate)
  • From another telephone or a mobile in Belgium: call 078 15 1969 (= national call rate)
  • From abroad: call +32 78 15 1969 (= international call rate)

If you are not calling with your own phone, you will need to enter your telephone number (without the country code) and your PhoneMail code.

Choose option 1 "Listen to messages" and follow the instructions. You will have the following options:

(1) Delete: to delete the message.
(2) Save: to save the message. Your played messages will be kept for 15 days, your unplayed ones for 30 days. You can repeatedly save each message by performing this operation again.
(3) Playback: to play the message again.
(4) Answer with a message: to send a recorded message in reply to the received message.
(5) Automatic call-back: to call back the caller with the press of a single key. This service doesn't work if the caller called you with a hidden number.
(6) Forward message (to one person or a mailing list): : to forward the received message and add a recorded comment, if desired. It is not possible to send messages to international numbers or special numbers (070, 0900, etc.).
(8) Hear date and time when message was left: to find out when you received the message.
(*) Return to previous menu
(0) Help: get more information about the different options in the PhoneMail menu.

Would you like to use options (4), (5) and (6)?

Activate the free Extended Options service by calling 1969, option 3 "Settings".

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