Recover or change your voicemail code

Lost your voicemail code? You can easily recover or change your voicemail code.
You need this code to listen to your messages on another phone or when you’re abroad.

  • Recover your voicemail code
    Type #145# on your mobile and press the call key. You will receive your voicemail code by text (free of charge).
  • Change your voicemail code
    With your mobile, call the toll-free number 1969, select option 3 (Change mailbox settings) and then option 2 (Personal code). Follow the instructions and enter a secret voicemail code with 6 to 8 digits.
    For your security, don't use an obvious combination such as your birth date, 123456, or 111111. The latter codes are refused anyway. Your new voicemail code will be activated within 2 hours.

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