Watch the TV app on a TV screen via SwipeBox or Chromecast

Thanks to SwipeBox or Google Chromecast, you can display your Proximus TV app on a bigger screen (a TV screen or computer screen). The condition is that your mobile or tablet is connected via the same Wi-Fi network as Google Chromecast.

  1. Connect your SwipeBox or Google Chromecast device to your television. 
  2. Open the Proximus TV application on your mobile or tablet and at the top right of the screen, check whether a device has been detected by your Wi-Fi network.
    • icone with tv on A device has already been selected and is ready to cast to the TV.  Go to step 4.
    • icone with tv off above an white triangleA device has been detected but not selected. Press the icon.
    • icone with tv off above an blue triangle No device has been detected. Connect your mobile or tablet to the same Wi-Fi network as the device connected to your television. Then, press icone with tv off above an white triangle.
  3. Select SwipeBox or Google Chromecast.
  4. Press on at the top left of your Proximus TV app.
  5. Choose your program, touch your screen to display the description and then press Watch on TV.

    If you want, rotate your mobile or tablet to transform it into a virtual remote control. Swipe to the left to display the list of channels, or to the right to indicate the channel number of your choice.

    To watch TV on your mobile or tablet again, simply press Watch.

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