Record via the TV guide

You can easily record a program via the TV guide.

Watch the video in French or in Dutch

  1. Press the menu key.
  2. Select Télévision > Guide TV (if your TV menu is in French) or Televisie> Tv-gids (if your TV menu is in Dutch) and select the date on which the program is broadcast.
  3. Select a program and press the OK key.
  4. Select Enregistrer or Enregistrer la série (in French) or Opnemen or Serie opnemen (in Dutch) and choose to record one or all episodes.
  5. Modify the recording settings, if desired:
    • The start and end time of the recording cannot be modified. By default, the recording start time is set at 5 minutes before the start of the program, and the end time at 30 minutes after the program finishes.
    • Modify the availability of the recording: select
      • in French: Disponibilité > Effacer quand le disque est plein or Disponibilité > Jamais effacer (or Supprimer > Si espace insuffisant or Supprimer > Jamais effacer, depending on your TV menu).
      • in Dutch: Beschikbaarheid > Wissen indien schijf vol or Beschikbaarheid > Nooit wissen (or Verwijderen > Indien schijf vol of Verwijderen > Booit wissen, depending on your TV menu).
      If you change the availability, your recording will be kept for an unlimited period i.o. 60 days.

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