Listen to the radio on your TV

You can listen to the radio on your TV. Select your decoder to see how to listen to the radio.

  • Android TV decoder
  • Other decoder

Android TV decoder

menu with white Proximus logo
  1. Press  the menu keyon your remote control.
  2. Go to Apps, then on Radioline.

Other decoder

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Listen to the radio via the free Radioline app or the TV guide.

You can listen to thousands of podcasts and national and international radio broadcasts via the free Radioline app. Install Radioline before tuning in for the first time.

Installing Radioline

  1. Press the menu key. Go to Shop > Applications > Radioline.
  2. Select Launch. The application will install.

Using Radioline

  1. Press the menu key. Go to My library > My applications > Radioline.
  2. Press Launch. The Radioline app will open.
  3. Listen to the radio or the podcast of your choice.

For more information, go to

Some radio stations can be listened to directly via the TV guide.

  1. Press the radio key
  2. Press the TV guide key for a list of the radio stations available.
  3. Choose the radio station you want in the list.
To return to TV, press the TV key

You will find many more radio stations and podcasts via the Radioline app.

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