Installation of the SwipeBox

Do you want to install your SwipeBox? First, follow the steps below.
Then download the SwipeBox app to display the content of your mobile phone or tablet on your television.

  1. Install the SwipeBox between your Proximus TV decoder and your television. To do this, follow the instruction guide in French (.pdf) or in Dutch (.pdf).
    • Unplug the existing HDMI cable from the HDMI input of your television and plug it into the HDMI input of your SwipeBox (marked "from STB").
    • Connect the supplied HDMI cable between the SwipeBox (output marked "To TV") and your television (HDMI input).
  2. Turn on your TV. If necessary switch the HDMI channel to which you’ve connected the SwipeBox.
  3. Connect the SwipeBox to the power supply (with the included power cable and USB adapter).
  4. Follow the instructions displayed on your TV screen.
    • Select your language (with the SwipeBox remote control).
    • If you choose a wireless connection between your modem and your SwipeBox, select your Wi-Fi network. There are two options available:
      • Select the WPS option for automatic configuration (for B-box 2 and B-box 3 modems).
      • Whether manually choose the Wi-Fi network you want to log. Enter the requested password (with the SwipeBox remote control).

Your SwipeBox will only work on the Proximus Internet network.

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