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Are you going abroad with your mobile phone?

Follow our advice to reduce your costs and prevent you from having problems when you take your mobile phone abroad.

Before you go abroad...

Consult the rates in your country of destination.

In the EU, you can call, message, use your data and your favorite app just like in Belgium, but there are exceptions like Switzerland, Vatican City, Monaco, Andorra and San Marino. Close to the border with these countries? Your device can switch over to the network of these countries, which means extra costs. To avoid this, activate the call, text and surf only within the EU barring.

Outside the EU, you always pay for calls, messages and data. Then a Travel Passport or Travel Surf will be cheaper.

Consult your rates

Need more information? Read all about calling, texting and surfing abroad or learn how to make the best use of Wi-Fi and mobile data to surf the Web cheaply.

Check your settings and barrings.

Check the settings for calling, messaging, surfing, voicemail and e-mail abroad.

Have you blocked calls, messages or surfing abroad to avoid additional costs? Then you have activated a 'barring'. In order to be able to call, text or surf, you need to disable these barrings.

During your trip...

Use airplane mode for air or boat travel.

This way, you avoid that your mobile phone connects to expensive satellite networks when no other connections are available. Consult your travel operator for Wi-Fi solutions on board.

Make sure that the airplane or flight mode ( Icon for airplane mode) of your device is on by swiping up or down on the home screen.

You do not want to surf outside the EU? Disable mobile data on your mobile or block surfing completely.

Having issues abroad?

Many issues can be resolved by turning your device off for 30 seconds and turning it back on again. Check what else you can do in case of no network abroad.

Order an option.

Have you exceeded the monthly data volume that is included in your subscription? If you’re travelling in the EU, buying an extra data package is always cheaper.

Travelling abroad without a high phone bill Travelling outside Europe without a high phone bill is not that complicated... Explanations.
5 tips to pay less when travelling abroad In this video, we give you 5 tips on how to pay less on your communications and data usage when travelling abroad.

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