Open Internet ports on your network

For your security, we block some ports by default in your Internet connection. Do you wish to open them anyway, e.g. for a program or your website? Then you’ll read here which internet ports can be opened manually in MyProximus.

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Ports that you can open

These internet ports are closed for incoming traffic, but can be opened in MyProximus:

  • Port 23 (Telnet protocol)
  • Port 80 (HTTP protocol)
  • Port 443 (HTTPS protocol)
  • Port 992
  • Port 8023 (only for b-box3)
  • Port 8080  (only for b-box3)
  • Port 8443

Getting started

  1. Log in to MyProximus to view your products.

    View your products Opens a new window
  2. Click on your Internet subscription.
  3. In the Settings box, High security is check-marked by default.
  4. Select Low security and confirm.
  5. Switch off your modem for 5 seconds and switch it on again.

You have unblocked ports 23, 80 and 443. They are now open for incoming traffic.

You can now open them on your modem.

Ports that can't be opened

The internet ports below are blocked for incoming and/or outgoing traffic. For security reasons, they cannot be unblocked.

Ports 25 and 445 (TCP protocol); ports 135, 137, 138 and 139 (UDP protocol); ports 1080, 1555, 2001, 2280, 2281, 2282, 2284, 2285, 3128, 8080, 8081, 9000 and certain ports higher than 1024.

Log in to open Internet ports 23, 80 and 443

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