Questions about Play&Gold

With Play&Gold, you can win prizes each time you top up your Pay&Go card. You'll find an answer below on the most asked questions.

  • How to receive a code?
    Do you want to log in, have you lost your code or is it no longer valid? Request a code. After each top-up of minimum € 15 you will automatically receive a code, valid for 30 days.
  • You haven’t received the confirmation e-mail?
    Don't worry! You can view all your confirmation e-mails and codes online. Log in to the Play & Gold website and click on 'View all your orders'.
  • How to view the balance of your Play&Gold bonus?
    • To know the remaining call minutes, text messages and MB's, form #127# and press the call key.
    • To know your call credit, form #121# and press the call key.
    • To consult your international bundle, form #155# and press the call key.
  • How do I access the Piratapult?
    The Piratapult game will only start if you found a Piratapult ticket when digging up a treasure chest. The app gives you access to the Piratapult game after each top-up.
  • How do I transfer my gold to another Play&Gold member?
    Connect to the Play & Gold website and go to the gift catalogue. Click on 'Transfer your gold' and then on 'Order'.