How to register for MyProximus?

MyProximus allows you to view the usage of your mobile phone, Internet, TV or fixed line as well as your bills or payment statements. You can also manage the related options and services (such as Wi-Fi Hotspots, etc.).

Register in 4 steps (or watch the video in French or Dutch):

  1. On the registration page enter your e-mail address: this will be your user name.
  2. In the first place, link your Internet, TV or fixed line to this username. You'll need your customer number, activation code and date.
    Only one (or more) mobile number? Enter in "You only have mobile products?" your mobile number, follow the procedure and go to step 4.
  3. Once in MyProximus, you can add your mobile numbers, if they have a common billing address. Click in MyProximus on "Link your mobile numbers to MyProximus" and select the mobile number you want to add.
  4. Click the link in the "Confirm your MyProximus login" e-mail we sent you.

You are now registered. From now on you can log in with your user name on the MyProximus website and in the MyProximus app. You can now also log in with your mobile number on the website.

You can't get access to MyProximus?

Find a solution here.

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