No access to MyProximus?

Having a problem registering to MyProximus? Having a problem during or after logging in? Check which situation applies to you and follow the steps of the solution proposed.

  • Do you receive the message "This e-mail address is already in use"?
    A login (username) has already been created with this e-mail address in the past.
  • Can't find your registration details?
    See how you can find your customer number, activation code and dateOpens a new window .
  • Can't receive any text messages on your device (e.g. your tablet)?
    Enter the PUK codeOpens a new window of your SIM card.
  • Do you receive the message "Your customer number or mobile number is already linked to another username"?
    Only one person per customer number can view and manage all subscriptions and products. If you are indeed the owner of this customer number and want to fully manage your products, fill in the requested data. The previous user will no longer be able to see the products in MyProximus.
  • Can't find the "Confirm your MyProximus login" e-mail that you were sent?
    • Search in your spam folder or Unwanted e-mail folder for an e-mail from No e-mail received? Log in to MyProximus and click on the "here" link in the "Confirm your e-mail address" alert box located on the welcome page.
    • You will receive various reminders by e-mail during 14 days. Once that period has expired you will need to register againOpens a new window .
  • Do you receive an error message when you click the link in the e-mail "Confirm your MyProximus login"?
    • Try again, as there may have been a technical problem. If the problem persists, check whether you can log inOpens a new window after all.
    • If the link doesn't work or you can't log in, then your confirmation e-mail is older than the 14 days provided for. You will need to registerOpens a new window again.
  • Do you receive a general error message when trying to register?
    Disable the cookiesOpens a new window and restart your Internet browser.

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