How to download the MyProximus app?

Check with the MyProximus app all your usage, manage your products and bills and enjoy nice benefits.
Install the application for free: follow the instructions for your smartphone or tablet, or follow this procedure:

  1.  Go to your app store to download and install the MyProximus app (not available for Windows Phone):

    Play Store for Android devices, 4.4.2 or higher

    App Store for iPhone and iPad: iOS 9.0 or higher

  2. Click the icon to download and install MyProximus. This will take a few minutes.
  3. Once the installation is complete, click the MyProximus icon which appears on your device.
  4. Read and accept the user conditions. Sometimes you'll be asked for your user name, e.g. when you surf on a tablet without a SIM card.

The MyProximus app is now ready for use.You can instantly check your usage and products. You can also change your Favorite App.

  • If you see your phone number on the left upper side, it is best to log in. If you are the administrator, you’ll see your payments, bills, payment statements and your loyalty program (depending on your profile: Enjoy! or Play&Gold).
  • Do you see the usage of your own number but not your own name at the top left, but that of a colleague or relative? Then change your account details via the MyProximus website.
  • Want to check the usage of a family member or colleague? Or of a Pay&Go card? You can add an account to the app.

Read our tips if you can't see all your usage.

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