Administrator or user in MyProximus?

In MyProximus, only one member of the family (the "administrator") can manage all the subscriptions (Internet, mobile, TV, landline, etc.) with the same customer number. The rest (the "users") only see their own mobile usage. How does this work in practice?

Who is an administrator and who is a user?

Example: Smith family (customer number 123456789)

Philip Smith
sees/manages all

Mary Jones
User 1
sees own mobile

Tracy Smith
User 2
sees own mobile

  • As an administrator in MyProximus (web and app) you are the only person in your family who can manage:
    • The bills or payment statements, usage and options of all your subscriptions with the same customer number
    • Premium Club points
    • Access to Proximus TV, the Cloud and Foot 11
    • Activation of paid options
  • As a user in MyProximus (web and app) you only manage:
    • Usage of your own mobile
    • Activation of free options for your mobile

Check if you are administrator or user:

  • in the MyProximus app: tap your name at the top left.
  • on the MyProximus web site: look at your role.
How can you become an administrator?

You are a user but want to become an administrator?

  1. First check whether you can become an administrator. This depends on your situation.
    • You have no mobile numbers on your bill or payment statement? You can become an administrator if you have a customer number, activation code and date. You don't need a Proximus mobile number.
    • You have one or more mobile numbers on your bill or payment statement? You can become an administrator with your Proximus mobile number, unless:
      • you have a Pay&Go prepaid card
      • your employer pays for your mobile subscription
      • you have a mobile number from another provider
  2. Inform the current administrator (if there is one) that you want to take over his/her role.
  3. Log in as usual on MyProximus (website).
  4. Click in the box More functionalities on Become administrator. Provide your customer number.
  5. You are now an administrator. If there was a previous administrator, he/she will receive an e-mail about the change and will subsequently only see his/her own mobile usage.

You are either an administrator or a user: it is not possible to delegate certain parts of MyProximus, whether within or outside your family.

Are you a business customer? In that case, you can have several administrators.

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