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Watch Movies & Series

Do you have TV at Proximus? Or are you an Epic customer? You can watch our Movies & Series channel free of charge.

How to watch Movies & Series?

You can watch Movies & Series on your TV (via your decoder), computer (via, smartphone or tablet (via Pickx app).

Flanders : Go to the channel 13 (HD), 50 (HD) or 449 (SD).

Wallonia : Go to the channel 13 (HD), 50 (HD) or 468 (SD).

Brussels: It depends on your language:

  • in French: Go to the channel 13 (HD) or 468 (SD),
  • in Dutch: Go to the channel 50 (HD), 263 (HD), 300 (HD) or 599 (SD).

Did you choose the alternative lists when renumbering in 2019? Consult the list in French or in Dutch

What should I do if Movies & Series is not on the specified channel?

You have probably renumbered your channels and Movies & Series has moved. You can easily find Movies & Series on the TV Guide :

  1. Press on the key on your remote control.
  2. Look for the channel whose logo is  

Who has access to the Movies & Series catalogue? How to watch a movie or series from the day before ?

The channel is accessible to all, but the Movies & Series VOD catalogue is reserved for people who have the pay option Movies&Series.

On the other hand, Replay is available! You can watch Movies & Series programs up to 36 hours backwards by browsing the TV guide!

What if you have 2 channels on channel 13?

Don't panic. You probably renumbered your chains. Just restart your decoder and the problem will be solved. Movies & Series will be moved to the next free position in your TV guide.

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