Installation of the Mobile Coverage Extender (PRO)

With the Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro) you can create a 3G signal in a home or office with little or no coverage. Consult the installation guide to connect your Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro) with your modem.

Be sure to install your device in an open, central room in your home. Avoid garages and storage corners, and don't place your Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro) next to a window or door. This way, you’ll have better coverage in your home. If necessary, you can also:

We recommend placing the device at least 1 meter away from areas where you spend a lot of time, in order to minimize the impact of the Mobile Coverage Extender on your health.

No free Ethernet port on your modem? In that case, remove a cable that is not being used or install a LAN switch between your Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro) and your modem. Go to one of our points-of-sale for more information.

You can only install one Mobile Coverage Extender per Internet line. This does not apply for the Mobile Coverage Extender Pro.

You cannot move the Mobile Coverage Extender

So it’s best to install the unit immediately in the right place.

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