Impact of Mobile Coverage Extender on your health

Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro): no longer supported after 7 April 2022
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Poor mobile coverage at home? A Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro), connected to your modem, creates a mobile signal at home. Hence a better mobile coverage and a lower exposure.

Impact of your mobile phone or tablet

If the network antenna is difficult to reach (for example, it is far away from your home or your home is well isolated), you will have poor reception. In such a case, your mobile phone or tablet has to use its maximum power. As a result, your body has maximum exposure to electromagnetic fields. The device closest to your body has the greatest impact on your health.

Thanks to the Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro), your mobile phone or tablet can connect with the mobile data network more easily. This means your device uses less power, so it produces less radiation.

Impact of your Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro)

The Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro) has a very low maximum power compared with many other electrical appliances. For example, the Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro) produces five times less power than a baby phone and up to 50,000 times less power than a microwave.

Despite this low power, we nevertheless recommend that you place your Mobile Coverage Extender at least 1 meter away from areas where you spend a lot of time.

The extra power you get with the Mobile Coverage Extender (Pro) is therefore more than compensated for by the reduced power of your mobile phone or tablet. If you want to avoid radiation in your home completely, you can use your landline for calling and a cable Ethernet solution for Internet.