Send and receive MMS messages

Do you want to send or receive a photo or video on your mobile? If you bought your mobile from us, it’s ready to send multimedia messages. If not, you must configure the MMS settings on your mobile phone manually. Choose one of 2 options:

  • Look for your mobile phone in our interactive user instructions. We help you step by step.
  • Configure your mobile phone manually. Enter the MMS settings directly in your mobile phone:
    • APN (Access Point Name) =
    • Username = mms
    • Password = mms
    • IP =
    • Port = 9201 (for WAP1.0) or 8080 (for WAP2.0)
    • URL =

Once your phone is set up, you can send and receive MMS messages, provided your mobile data network is activated. Consult the manual of your device if you need help with that.

To be able to send or receive MMS messages abroad, you must send at least one MMS message in Belgium first (only if you have a Pay&Go card).

Is your contact unable to receive MMS messages? You can also send them to his e-mail address.

Simply type in the e-mail address instead of the telephone number (in the "Recipient" / "To" field). The rate for sending an MMS message to a telephone number or an e-mail address is the same.

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