Set up e-mail rules

Do you often receive unwanted email from a particular sender you want to delete immediately? Would you like to move your professional emails to a specific folder in Proximus Webmail? This can be done by setting up an e-mail filter or rule:

  1. Log in to Proximus Webmail with your e-mail address and your password.
  2. Click Blue Settings icon (3 bars) in the top right corner.
  3. Click Settings.
    Click "Settings".
  4. Click E-mail.
  5. Click Rules.
  6. Click Add new rule.
    Click "Rules" from the Email drop-down menu, then click "Add new rule".
  7. Choose a name for your rule.
  8. Click Add condition:
    • Sender/From: performs an action when you receive emails from a particular sender. Enter the sender's email address in the Contains field.
    • Subject: performs an action when you receive an email with a particular subject. Enter the subject in the Contains field.
    • To: performs an action when sending e-mails to a particular correspondent. Enter the sender's email address in the Contains field.
    • CC: sends a copy to a particular e-mail address. Enter the sender's email address in the Contains field.
    • Any recipient: performs an action for each recipient with the text in the Contains field.
  9. Click Add action.
    • Discard: deletes the e-mail.
    • Redirect to: forwards the e-mail to (maximum) 5 other e-mail addresses. Enter the e-mail addresses, separated by a comma.
    • Move to folder: moves the e-mail to another folder. Select the desired folder by clicking Select folder. Create a new folder by clicking Create folder.Create a new rule
  10. Click Save.

Your e-mail rule will be applied to all new messages.

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