Install your Proximus products yourself

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, our technicians are no longer able to carry out all installations of Proximus products (modem, decoder, etc.)..

Until the situation returns to normal, and for health safety reasons, we will contact you when you order and we will tell you the procedure:

  • either the products arrive by parcel and you install them yourself.
  • or a technician drops them off in front of your home, you pick them up and unpack them, and the technician helps you install them over the phone. 

Find the connection socket

Connect Proximus products requires first knowing where the connection socket is.

The connection socket is often close to the electricity meter:

  • Apartments: in the laundry room, living room or technical room.
  • Houses: in the cellar, living room or garage.

Install your products

Each Proximus product contains an installation guide. If you need more explanations, consult the following web pages :

: if the TV doesn't work; if the internet doesn't work; if the wi-fi is slow; if you have a problem with the Proximus remote control. It still doesn't work? Check your wiring.

Still a problem after installation?

You can consult our advice:

It still doesn't work? Check your cables.