What's the difference between Smart Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Hotspots?

Depending on your device and subscription, you can connect via Smart Wi-Fi or a Wi-Fi Hotspot. What exactly is the difference?

  • You can only connect to the Internet via Smart Wi-Fi if your mobile is part of a Pack and you have a device with iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Is this not the case? Then connect to the Internet via the Wi-Fi Hotspots.
  • With Smart Wi-Fi you surf via the PROXIMUS_AUTO_FON network. By contrast, the Wi-Fi Hotspots have the network name PROXIMUS_FON (in Belgium) or another name that contains the word FON (abroad).
  • Smart Wi-Fi is available only in Belgium. Abroad you will currently only find Wi-Fi Hotspots.
  • Smart Wi-Fi can usually identify you on the basis of your SIM card. In principle you do not, therefore, even need a login or password.
  • If you connect via Smart Wi-Fi you keep your Internet connection while logging in. With a Wi-Fi Hotspot your Internet connection may be lost for a few seconds during the switch from 3G/4G to Wi-Fi.
  • Your surfing speed is even higher via Smart Wi-Fi than on a Wi-Fi Hotspot, because you have more bandwidth at your disposal (max. 50 Mbps vs. max. 3 Mbps).
  • Smart Wi-Fi offers even more security than a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

For all these reasons, we recommend that, if you have the choice, you connect via Smart Wi-Fi.

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