Floods - Proximus helps you

Following the floods in July 2021, part of the Proximus internet, TV and fixed telephony network was flooded. Proximus technical teams are working to re-establish the fixed network.

The mobile network works
The mobile phone network has already been restored in the areas affected by the floods. 

When will TV, internet and fixed telephony be restored?

You will be informed by SMS when our services are restored, if you have given us a contact mobile number. You can check this in MyProximusOpens a new window .

Proximus teams work in a precise order to restore the fixed telephone and internet network:

  1. The telephone exchange: all have already been refurbished. The telephone exchange is the link between the Proximus network and the local network to which you are connected. We have them in every commune.
  2. The distribution boxes: they are being replaced. Generally placed in the street, they are connected to the telephone exchange, most often by fibre optics. From these boxes the lines go to the nearby houses. Many of them have been flooded and are being replaced, as well as the cables that connect them to the houses.
  3. Cables from the telephone exchange to your home: this work can be extensive and delay the restoration of your services. As soon as the telephone exchange and distribution boxes are in order, you will receive an SMS informing you that internet, TV and telephony are restored. If it still doesn't work, contact us via the number indicated in the SMS. Our technicians will come to your home and replace all the necessary equipment (TV Box, b-box, etc.) free of charge.

Beware of fraudulent SMS and e-mails!
No SMS or e-mail from Proximus will ask you for your bank details or MyProximus.