How to connect your home to the fiber network?

Want fiber in your home? Follow these steps:

  1. Check your address
    Go to our online address checker to see if your home or business is in a fiber zone.

  2. Register
    Discover our fiber packs.
    Your home or business is in a fiber zone? You will be automatically directed to our registration form. Fill in the form and we will call you back as soon as possible.

  3. We contact you
    Have you registered? One of our employees will call you to give you more information (e.g. the period in which the installation will probably take place). The installation usually takes place within one to six months.

  4. Make an appointment
    Just before the works in your neighborhood begin, we will call you to make an appointment.
    Appointments are always confirmed by e-mail and can later be viewed or changed via the personal link contained in the e-mail, or by calling 0800 33 007. Appointments can only be canceled by phone.

  5. We install fiber in your street
    The fiber connection is free of charge while works are being carried out in your street. After the works have finished, it's still possible to have fiber installed but you will be charged for this.
    The installation comes with no purchase obligation. You don't even have to be a customer, and you don't need to become one if you don't want to. By having a fiber connection installed you can be sure that your home will be future-proof.

  6. Activate your products
    For more information about our products and promotions, visit a Proximus Center near you. You can also call us toll-free on 0800 33 007.