How to change your operator with Easy Switch?

Want to cancel your contract with another Internet/TV operator to become a Proximus customer? In most cases, we will take the steps required with your old operator: this is the Easy Switch procedure. Find out how to become a Proximus customer  in a few clicks.

How to cancel your Internet or TV with another operator?

You have two options:

  • Want to transfer all your fixed residential products? We will take all the steps on your behalf.
    All Internet and/or TV operators are required to provide, for each address, an Easy Switch identifier and a customer number on their bills or on their personal space (MyTelenet, MyOrange, MyVoo, etc.).
    1. Provide us with this Easy Switch identifier and your customer number when placing your order with Proximus.
    2. When everything is ready, our technician will visit you on the appointed date to install the equipment.
    3. Next, we will immediately take the steps required to cancel your products with your current operator.
  • Want to transfer non-residential products or only some of your residential products while keeping either your TV or your Internet product? You will need to follow the same steps by sending a letter of cancellation.
How to cancel your mobile subscriptions via the Easy Switch procedure?

Yes, provided that you specify the numbers concerned and cancel your fixed residential Internet/TV products. If you want to keep your mobile numbers with Proximus, this is also possible (just as it is for fixed numbers, provided you don't change telephone area codes).

How to prevent an interruption of your Internet or TV service?

If you have provided us with your Easy Switch identifier and your customer number, the risk of any interruption to your Internet or TV service in the period between your old subscription and your new one is significantly reduced.

Can you have two TV and Internet operators at the same time?

Yes, if you request this and it is technically possible, for a limited period of time. NB: this means double billing will apply to you for the period in question (30 days maximum).

Was the technician unable to visit you at the appointed date?

Contact our customer service. You are entitled to €10 of compensation in case our technician does not turn up during the agreed time slot.

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