Change or cancel a subscription linked to a device

If you receive a mobile phone at a reduced price with your subscription, does it mean you have a specific subscription? Can you change your price plan? Can you terminate your contract?

  • Can you switch to another price plan after receiving a mobile at €1?
    • You can change your price plan free of charge, provided that the new the new price plan also contains a discount on a mobile, and provided that the monthly amount is no lower than that from the original bundle.
    • If one these conditions is not fulfilled, you must pay the discount back to Proximus according to the conditions mentioned in the table you have signed along with your contract. You had better contact our customer service if you consider changing your price plan.
  • Can you cancel your contract after receiving a mobile?
    You can stop your contract at any moment. You will pay the corresponding amount of the discount back to Proximus. The exact amount can be found in the table that you have signed along with your contract.

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