Cancel your mobile phone subscription

You can cancel your mobile phone subscription, if you want to switch to a Pay&Go card, to transfer to another operator or in case someone has died.

Cancel and switch to Pay&Go?

Contact our customer service or go to a point of sale near you to fill in a conversion request. The switch will take effect within 2 weeks.

Until then you can simply continue to make calls with your current rate plan. As soon as the switch has been completed, you can top up your Pay&Go card. During the first 24 hours you can top up only via a top-up card.

Cancel and transfer to another operator?

Cancel your mobile phone subscription online or contact our customer service. You can continue to make calls with our SIM card until your new operator has completed the transfer. (When can you start calling with your new rate plan?)

Until then it is still possible to cancel the number porting by contacting your new operator. After that you can become a customer with us again by filling in the conversion request form.

Do you have a subscription linked to a device?

Did you choose a mobile phone when you took out a subscription? If you cancel your contract, you have to pay back the residual value of your mobile phone.

Cancel a subscription of a deceased?

Cancel the mobile subscription online, contact our customer service or go to a point of sale near you. Don't forget to mention the customer number, name, date of birth and address of the subscription holder. If you have received a power of attorney to execute the cancellation, the cancellation must be done at a point of sale.

Note: If you wish to keep the greeting on the deceased's voicemail, you should not cancel the subscription immediately. Contact our customer service so that they can explain the next steps.

Did that person use his or her mobile number to log in to certain websites? Don't forget to change their mobile number for MyProximus, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, etc. to keep their personal data private.

The processing of your cancellation request takes at least 5 working days. If you have requested the cancellation at a point of sale, this will done immediately.

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