You will receive a new decoder

Do you have this decoder? We plan to replace it with a new, higher-performance, faster, more compact and more energy-saving decoder.

What should I do to receive my new decoder?

Simply click on the link in the e-mail you received and confirm your pre-filled contact information and your desire to replace your old decoder. You will receive an email confirming your request.

How will my new decoder be delivered?

Your decoder will be delivered to your home by Bpost before 29/06/2018. If you’re not at home, Bpost will leave a calling card so you can pick up your package at your nearest post office.

How much should I pay for the new decoder?

The replacement is at no extra cost. The rental fee of your decoder remains the same.

What should I do before I receive my new decoder?

Certain recordings – those with no view by date – will be lost. So remember to watch them before you activate the new decoder.

How do I install the new decoder?

You will find the installation plan in the packaging of the decoder or on our support pages. To ensure the installation goes smoothly, you must follow the steps in the correct order.

When will my old decoder be deactivated?

Within two months (16/08/2018) of receiving your new decoder, the old decoder will be automatically rendered unusable.

What should I do with my old decoder?

You can deposit your old decoder in a local container park. You can't give it to the postman or take it to a Proximus point-of-sale. NB: be sure to keep your current remote control, as well as the Ethernet and HDMI cables.

I installed my new decoder and now I don't have the same menu/screens as before

In fact, by installing the new decoder, you have access to the new Proximus TV menus

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