How to replace an old decoder with a new one?

Have you got a new decoder? If you want to replace your decoder with another one, you must first deactivate your current decoder.

Remplacer votre décodeur par le nouveau modèle Si vous avez reçu un courrier vous invitant à procéder au remplacement de votre décodeur V3 par le nouveau décodeur V5 compact, cette vidéo est pour vous.

Deactivate your old decoder

It's easy to deactivate your old decoder: call the toll-free number 0800 99 696 and follow the instructions. Since you will be asked by the IVR system to provide your line and customer number, be sure to have a recent bill at hand (where to find your customer number?).

NB: if you try to connect more decoders than is technically possible, you will see a message on your TV screen, displaying this telephone number.

Activate your new decoder

You can then connect and activate your new decoder. To do so, follow the instructions on your TV screen. Here, too, you will be asked to enter a number of data, followed by a secret PIN code. If you have never changed this code, it will still be 1234 (your PIN codes for Proximus TV).

Bear in mind that it will take a few minutes to restart.

NB: if you have several decoders, you will also have to activate these other decoders, even if you haven't disconnected them. To do so, follow the same instructions displayed on your TV screen.

You can check whether your decoder is set to the right image quality via your TV menu. If necessary, adjust the settings.

  • If your TV menu is in French: press Menu > Paramètres > Système > Activer ou désactiver la HD (or Menu > Paramètres > Paramètres du système > HD, depending on your TV menu).
  • If your TV menu is in Dutch: press Menu > Instellingen > Systeem > HD activeren of deactiveren (or Instellingen > Systeeminstellingen> HD, depending on your TV menu).

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