Corded phone manual

Download here the user manual of your corded telephone: first steps, answering machine, text messages, call transfer, etc. For Bolero, Maestro and Specifics landline devices.

Do you have a cordless phone? Find the manual of your cordless Twist telephone.

Maestro 2030 and 2030H (multilingual manual)

Corded telephone Maestro 2030

Maestro 2031 (manual in French or in Dutch)

Corded telephone Maestro 2031

Maestro 3016 IP (multilingual manual)

Corded telephone Maestro 3026 IP

Maestro 6042 (black or white)

Corded telephone Maestro 6042

Maestro 9000 (manual in French or in Dutch)

Corded telephone Maestro 9000

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