Questions about your Premium Club or Bizz Club gift?

Have any questions about the gift you want to choose or have chosen? We'll be happy to assist you.

How do you redeem your points for a gift?

Follow the right steps to redeem your points. Are you a business customer? In that case, follow this procedure.

Is the gift you want to choose not (or no longer) displayed?

Click "Also display what is out of stock".

  • A product that is temporarily out of stock will be displayed in grey. Wait until it is back in stock or choose another gift.
  • A product that is definitively out of stock will disappear from the list. Choose another gift.
Don't have enough points? Want to make a partial money payment?

Only where expressly indicated can you pay for a gift partly in points and partly in money (via your next bill). You can only choose from the points/money payment combinations listed.

When will your gift be delivered?
  • Call minutes: these will be available 48 hours after your order.
  • TV on demand: your credits to rent a movie will become available 15  minutes after your order: in your TV menu, select "On demand", choose a movie and you'll see how many credits you have.
  • Pay&Go top-ups and vouchers for shops, photo prints or tickets: you will receive an e-mail with the voucher or code 15  minutes after your order.
  • Donation to a good cause: the chosen organization will receive your donation immediately.

Check whether your gift has been delivered: log in and view your order.
If your gift has not been delivered on time after all, please call us on 0800 55 800.

Have you lost or not received your voucher?

Look for your voucher. There are two possibilities:

  • Look in the e-mail we sent you.
  • Look on MyProximus up to 3 months after the order date.

(Re)print the voucher or code. You can use it only once.

How long is a voucher valid for? Will my gift expire?
  • Call minutes will remain valid for 12 months; top-ups will remain valid for 3 months.
  • A credit for TV on demand  will remain valid until you rent a movie (rental period of 48 hours).
  • Vouchers for shops, photo prints or tickets will remain valid for up to three months after receipt.  There are two ways in which you can find out the expiry date:
    • Look in the e-mail we sent you.
    • Look on MyProximus up to 3 months after the order date, or, for Premium Club-members, on the MyProximus app (My Premium Club> My recent orders).

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