Save points for Premium Club or Bizz Club

As a member of the Premium Club of Bizz Club, you automatically receive points and bonus points.
You can check via MyProximus  your points and their validity.

You can no longer register for Premium Club or Bizz Club.

Already a member? Of course you can continue to save and redeem points.
Companies with more than 10 employees can redeem their Bizz Club points until 31 January 2019.


You receive 3 points per euro (excl. VAT) on every Proximus bill or payment statement. Within 5 days, your points will automatically appear in MyProximus.

Bills and payment statements dating back to before you signed up for the Premium Club or Bizz Club do not qualify for points.

Bonus points

You automatically receive bonus points in MyProximus on the activation of a specific service or product or on a special action by e-mail. You will receive the bonus points within 2 months.

When you purchase a device in a Proximus Center or via proximus.be, you are entitled to 3 bonus points for every euro spent (excl. VAT).
Therefor, send us the proof of purchase and your loyalty ID. You must be registered on MyProximus and be the administrator of your account. Proceed as follows:

  1. Via the app? In the MyProximus app, tap on More, then on Premium Club or Bizz Club, and then on My Personal Data.
    Via the website? Click the button below and log in.
    Find your loyalty ID
  2. You will see your loyalty ID (15 numerals).
  3.  Send your loyalty ID, together with the proof of purchase, by e-mail to club@proximus.com.
  4. The points will automatically appear in MyProximus within 2 months of being received.


You can check your points; they are valid for 2 years. It is not possible to extend the expiry date.
If your points have almost expired, you can redeem them or give them away.

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