Manually add files to the cloud

Files which you manually add to the Cloud are synced across all your devices. If you adapt these files, they are also automatically adapted in the Cloud and in all the other devices on which you’ve installed the Cloud app.

If you don't want your files to be synced, add your files to the Cloud via Backup.

Adding files via the Cloud app on a mobile or tablet

  1. Open the Proximus Cloud app. (How to install Proximus Cloud on your mobile or tablet)
  2. Tap the Photos folder (or Documents).
  3. Tap the button (for iOS or Windows Phone) or the button (for Android).
  4. Tap Upload photos and videos.
  5. Select one or several files, and tap Upload.

Adding files via the Cloud app on a PC or Mac

  1. Open the Proximus Cloud folder, which you’ll find in the navigation column of your computer. (How to install Proximus Cloud on your PC or Mac)
  2. Place one or more files in this folder (by copying or dragging them).
    If the file was correctly added to the Cloud, a tick on a green background will appear next to it: .

To view or share added files, surf to

Adding files via the Proximus Cloud website

  1. Surf to
  2. Click the Upload button on the top right of the screen.
  3. Add files to the Cloud:
    • By clicking Search: you can search and select files on your computer.
    • By immediately dragging your files to the marked zone on your screen.

Are you unable to add files? Find out why it is no longer possible to add something in the cloud.

You still have another question about Cloud? Check our other FAQs or contact us.