Download files from the cloud

You can download files from the cloud via the Cloud app on your mobile or tablet or via the Proximus Cloud website.

Downloading files via the Cloud app on a mobile or tablet
  1. Open the Proximus Cloud app. (How to install Proximus Cloud on your mobile or tablet)
  2. Select a file.
  3. Tap the button (on iOS or Android) or the button and then tap Download (on Windows Phone).
Downloading files via the Cloud app on a PC or Mac

It is not possible to download files via the Cloud app on a PC or Mac.

Downloading files via the Proximus Cloud website
  1. Surf to proximuscloud.be.
  2. Select one or several files.
  3. Click More and then Download. The downloaded files will be stored in the Downloads folder on your computer by default.
    NB: If you download several files or folders simultaneously, the Proximus Cloud will save them in a zip file.

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