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Take over someone else’s mobile number

It is possible to take over someone else’s mobile phone number, provided of course that person agrees to this and is a customer of ours. Only if you want another bill will you be charged a one-time fee.

  • Is the number not linked to a bill? (e.g. Pay&Go)
    This number transfer is always free of charge. The person letting you take over his number can simply hand over his SIM card to you. Don’t forget to change the name that is linked to this SIM card online or via one of our shops.
    If necessary, you can exchange the SIM card free of charge for a different type of SIM card (micro-SIM card, nano-SIM card, etc.) in a point of sale.
  • Is the number linked to a bill? (e.g. a subscription or Pay&Go plan with automatic top-ups)
    To transfer a subscription number, you must fill in a transfer form in a point of sale. The transfer will be carried out within 14 days of receipt of your request.
    • If you opt for another name on the same bill, you don’t have to pay anything. Please note that any debts connected to this number will be transferred to the person taking over said number.
    • If you opt for another name and another bill, a one-time charge will be applied, unless the bill is only for mobile phone numbers. The old subscription will then be terminated at the same time as the new subscription is activated. Please note that any debts connected to this number must be settled before the number can be transferred.
  • Did that person use his or her mobile number to log in to certain websites?
    Don't forget to change their mobile number for MyProximus, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, etc. to keep their personal data private.

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