How to extend the cables?

Depending on the interior of your home and on what you want, you can choose between different possibilities: extend the blue Internet cable (between the modem and the computer), the grey or yellow Ethernet cable (between the modem and the decoder) or the grey Ethernet cable (that goes through a wall or the floor).

  • How to extend the blue Internet cable (between the modem and the computer)?
    You can connect the 2 Internet cables with the white or blue Internet coupler.
    Extending the blue Internet cable
  • How to extend the grey or yellow Ethernet cable (between the modem and the decoder)?
    You can connect 2 grey or yellow Ethernet cables with the black Ethernet coupler.
    Extending the grey or yellow Ethernet cable
  • How to extend the grey Ethernet cable (that goes through a wall or the floor)?
    1. If a hole was made for the cable to pass through, you can cut the Ethernet cable and restore the connection using a junction box.
    2. To connect the 2 ends to each other, strip 4 cm of the cable sleeving off.
    3. Do not use the blue or brown wire pairs. Cut them off. Strip 1 cm of the sleeving off the remaining wires.
    4. All you have to do is connect the wires of the following colors. Only connect the wires with matching colors:
      • Orange 1b
      • Bicolor orange and white 1a
      • Green 2b
      • Bicolor green and white 2a
    5. Loosen the little screws, insert the copper wire into the proper contact point, and tighten the little screws again.
    6. The 2 little screws to the left and right of the number and corresponding letter must only be used with the matching colors.
      Extending the grey Ethernet cable

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