Confirm a late payment

Did you pay your bill or payment statement too late or did you make an error in your bank transfer? Avoid incurring a reminder fee or potential service interruptions by notifying us as quickly as possible that you have paid the amount due.

Depending on your type of subscription, follow one of the procedures detailed below:

  • Do you have an Internet, TV or fixed-line subscription?
    1. Log in to MyProximus to confirm a late payment.
      Confirm your payment
    2. You arrive on the My Bills page. Click, if needed, on Pack, Internet, TV or fixed line
    3. Under Ongoing, consult the bill(s) or payment statements for which we have not yet received payment confirmation via your bank.
    4. Using the date and reference as your search criteria, find the bill or payment statement which you have just paid. N.B. If you cannot find the relevant bill or payment statement, it means that we have already received the payment confirmation via your bank. In that case, you don't need to take any further action.
    5. Click All Details. In the Options drop-down menu, select the Payment confirmation option.
    6. A message will now appear on your screen saying that we have received the payment confirmation for this bill or payment statement.
    If for some reason you are unable to confirm this payment online, ensure you have your bill on hand and contact our Customer Service.

  • Do you have only mobile numbers (and no other subscription)?

    In that case it is not possible to confirm your payment online. Therefore, have your bill on hand and contact our Customer Service.

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