Request, change or end direct debit

Pay your bill or payment statement by direct debit. We will arrange your request or change with the bank.

Request direct debit

You can request direct debit only if you are the administrator in MyProximus.

  1. Log in to MyProximus to choose a payment method.
    Request direct debit
  2. You will arrive on the page Opt for direct debit. Enter your bank account number (IBAN).
  3. Verify that the correct numbers or packs are check marked: uncheck any bills or payment statements for which you don't want direct debit.
    Do you receive more than one bill per month? You can separately select bills with mobile numbers only; bills or payment statements for the fixed line, Internet or TV are always paid together by direct debit.
  4. Click twice Confirm. We will then arrange the direct debit with your bank.

When the following statement appears on your bill or payment statement: "Your financial institution is requested to transfer this amount..." or "The amount will be debited from your account on ...", your bank has activated the direct debit. It will tell you also when is a direct debit settled. If it isn't mentioned, you will have to pay your bill or payment statement manually.

Change or end direct debit

  • Like to keep your costs under control? Define the maximum amount that can be debited from your account! For this, contact your bank.
  • Want to dispute an amount on your bill or payment statement? In that case, you can ask for a one-time or partial suspension of your direct debit. For this, contact your bank.
  • Want to stop direct debit completely? Call our customer service with your bill or payment statement at hand.

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