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Requesting, changing or stopping a direct debit

With a direct debit, your bill or payment statement is paid automatically every month. We will arrange your request or change with your bank.

Requesting a direct debit

Request this via MyProximus (app or Web). You must be registered on MyProximus and logged in as the administrator of your account. Then proceed as follows:

  1. Via the app: tap on Bills and then on the three dots, followed by Preferences.
    Via the website: Click the button below and log in.
    Request direct debit
  2. Scroll down to Pay by direct debit.
  3. Fill in your Belgian or European bank account number (IBAN). If your foreign number is not accepted, a direct debit is not possible.
  4. Checkmark the terms and conditions and click on Update payment method. We will then arrange the direct debit directly with your bank.

If the following is indicated on your bill or payment statement: The amount will be debited from your account on ..., it means that your bank has activated the direct debit. The date of the direct debit payment is also mentioned. If it is not yet mentioned, you will still have to pay your bill or payment statement manually.

With a direct debit, too, you can choose how you would like to receive your bill or payment statement: by e-mail, via Zoomit or by post.

Change or end direct debit

  • Want to use another bank account number or another payment date for your current direct debit?
    Then contact our customer service by phone or e-mail, and have your bill or payment statement at hand.
  • Like to keep your costs under control?
    Define the maximum amount that can be debited from your account! For this, contact your bank.
  • Want to dispute an amount on your bill or payment statement?
    In that case, you can ask for a one-time or partial suspension of your direct debit. For this, contact your bank.
  • Want to stop direct debit completely?
    Call our customer service with your bill or payment statement at hand.

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