How to order and watch Be tv?

Once you have activated the Be tv option, you can watch all the programs of Be tv on Proximus TV. How does it work?

How can you order the Be tv option?

First, check that you have HD on your line. You need it to watch Be tv. If you don't have HD, call us on 0800 55 800 or visit a shop.

Do you have HD? Then you can order Be tv on the TV, on MyProximus or in the web shop. You can also call us on 0800 55 800 or visit a shop. You'll be able to watch Be tv a few hours after placing your order. NB: Be tv cannot be a favorite TV bundle in Tuttimus.

If you no longer want Be tv, you can deactivate it on MyProximus.

How do you watch Be tv with Proximus?

Watch the six channels of Be tv on Proximus TV, on the Proximus TV app and on the Be tv Go app. The on-demand catalogs (VOD) are available on the Be tv Go app.

Proximus TV

Proximus TV application

After having activated Be tv, go to channels 260 to 265 on your TV, mobile phone or computer. NB: the VOD programs are only available via the Be tv Go app.

Can you watch Be tv on several screens?
Yes! You can watch Be tv simultaneously on two TV screens (if you have HD on both decoders) and on two computer, mobile-phone, or tablet screens.

Can I record Be tv programs?
You can record programs of the Be tv channels on Proximus TV.

It doesn’t work?
Reboot your decoder and contact us if the problem persists.

App Be tv Go

Proximus TV application
The Be tv Go app gives you access to all Be tv programs: 7 channels and 2 on-demand catalogs.
  1. Visit the Be tv site (only in French) Click on Proximus.
  2. Enter your MyProximus login and password. Validate the conditions of use.
  3. Fill in the form for creating an account :
    • Enter your details.
    • Create a Be tv Go login (do not use special characters).
    • Enter and confirm your email address.
    • Create and confirm your Be tv Go password (this password must be at least 8 characters long).
    • Create a 4-digit parent code for Be tv Go.
  4. You will receive a confirmation e-mail. Open it and click on the link to validate your registration.
  5. You are redirected to the site of Be tv. Choose the package: Abonnement mensuel.
  6. Download and install the Be tv Go app

    Mobile phone or tablet (Android 4.0 or later)

    iPhone or iPad (iOS 7.0 or later)

    or surf on https://play.betvgo.be/
  7. Identify yourself with your login (not your e-mail) and password for the Be tv Go app.
  8. Log on and enjoy the programs of the Be tv Go app.

Where can you watch the Be tv Go app?
From 1 April throughout the European Union.

It doesn’t work?

  • If you have a problem with the Be tv Go app, contact Be tv.
  • You have already used the Be tv Go app but it doesn't work anymore? Return to the registration page, choose Proximus and enter your MyProximus login and password.

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