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Problems with your mobile phone abroad

Usually, you can use your mobile phone abroad as normal. Your device does not need to be specially configured, but it’s best to make sure that roaming has been activated on your mobile. The first thing you should always do in case of problems is restart your device.

Only if you have a Pay&Go card must you have at least €1.50 of calling credit to be able to make calls, send SMS and MMS messages and surf the Internet abroad.

Do you have no network abroad? Read what you can do when you have no network abroad.

  • Are you unable to call while abroad?
    To call Belgium from abroad, you must dial the country code (+32) before the telephone number and drop the first 0. If, say, you want to call voicemail from abroad, you will need to dial +32 475 15 1969.
  • Are you unable to text while abroad?
    Go to the SMS settings in the default texting app of your mobile phone and make sure the number +32 475 16 16 16 is set as your SMS exchange. Consult your phone’s user manual if necessary.
  • Are you unable to send and receive MMS messages while abroad?
    • If you have activated block surfing and sending MMS abroad, you won't be able to send MMS as long as this option is active.
    • If you have a Pay&Go card, you must have sent at least one MMS message in Belgium to be able to use MMS abroad.
    • Set up MMS on your phone. Is your device not included? Select the device that most closely resembles your device.
  • Are you unable to surf while abroad?
  • Are you unable to e-mail while abroad?
    This is often a problem with your mailbox, settings or e-mail address.

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